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Mary Morrissey: world-renowned life coach, motivational speaker, spiritual author, and Founder of Life Mastery Institute. Speaker, best-selling author, and consultant for over four decades, Mary Morrissey’s transformational talks and seminars have made her one of the elite teachers in personal development.

As a sought after expert on the “Invisible Side of Success”, Mary has spoken three times at the United Nations, facilitated 3 different week-long meetings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama and met with Nelson Mandela to address the most significant issues our world is facing.

Mary imparted her knowledge to me through an intensive training and coaching program to ensure that I give you my best heart-centered value on your journey of discovering and living the life you love! 

What Clients say…

"I want to share something with you Jan. When you spoke to me the first time about the DreamBuilder® program I had my doubts - but it gave me hope in a time I needed it so much. Slowly but surely my dreams started to manifest. First my marriage got stronger, we manifested our dream home, although we still struggle with fertility issues (I know my little dream is just waiting for the right time to suprise her mom). The one other dream I had was to feel valued and appreciated at work! To work hard and be the best version of myself at work whilst being a greater parent and mother. My dreams manifested Jan - I got my recognition through small gestures of appreciation these past few months, even a greater fruitful performance rating of setting the example in my business and now a Mark of Excellence Award! So again Jan, thank you very much for this program, and for speaking to me on that day about changing my life experience. "

- Maz

"To be honest I have never believed that I was someone who would benefit from what Jan was offering. My life, my reality was carefully managed. My emotions (whilst expressed), my experiences both good and bad along with the pain and joy these brought me were carefully managed. You could say I believed I was self-regulating – but in this self-regulation I lived in a glass case, a bullet proof glass case at that. I had laughed at people who told me I never really let anyone in… how could that be I was the affectionate parent at home, the talker in my marriage, the sharer, I was the brother who made time for my siblings. But what I didn’t realise was that this was ‘limited’.

Enter Jan…. whilst helping my daughter he kept prodding me to also engage… somehow, he saw something. Eventually I took up the offer to engage and what an experience it has been! I have done one-on-one sessions with Jan and also completed his Dream Builder course. Whilst the journey was anything but easy it was worth it and more. I have learnt how many of my actions and reactions, even the noble ones, often originated from a place of fear, more importantly with Jan’s help I’ve learnt how to correct this. Through Jan’s coaching and help I have been able to re-identify who I am. To recognise and accept the authentic ‘me’. Through his empathetic coaching style Jan is able to guide you to true happiness and success regardless of your current situation. If you have the desire to elevate your life from of reaction to conscientious action then making an appointment with Jan is a must."

- Maz

"Good afternoon sir, I want to appreciate you for all you have done for me. I want to start a pre-primary school and daycare center once I come back from the ICT Summit. I am very creative and will focus on proper art work, and currently I am gathering material to enable me to do so. I have designed an app for the homeless and out of four designs, one was chosen and I am invited to go and present this at the ICT Summit from 8 to 10 October 2019. Mr Jan, you are a doctor and my wish is for your business to prosper. I appreciate all you have done for us. You did not only help me, but you have helped many of us that struggles in life and are homeless. Thank you."

- Lucia

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